Monday, April 24, 2017


We were going to work with both Gigi and Penny this morning, but Penny was still eating, so she got a vacation today.  

Linda put a halter on Gigi, Gigi followed her to the stock and went back and forth like it was no big deal.  Of course I'm sure the steady supply of animal crackers helped.....!!!  LOL 

 She needs to learn to go with whoever is leading her, so John took a turn and she followed him just as good.  Tomorrow we will get her in there and put the chains up, so she can't go forward or backward.  Hopefully that will go smoothly. 

This is Smokey Joe, he looks like he's checking out the golf cart, but in reality he is trying to get someone to give him animal crackers. 

Wish Don Juan didn't have his fly mask on, this would have been a nice picture.

OBTW, yesterday John was cleaning out the bed of the pick-up and guess what he found?  MY WATCH......!!!  I guess when I reached over the side of the pickup to get the loppers, it fell off my arm.  Glad he found it, he got that watch for me in Saudi probably25 years ago and it's a good one.  

I thought I had wrote about my watch, but after being in town all day, and rereading this post I noticed I didn't say anything about it yesterday.

Before we left the track, I noticed I didn't have my watch and knew I had put it on before leaving the house.  We all tried to backtrack everywhere I'd been, and checked the piles of limbs.  We did find a dime, some beer cans and other assorted shiny things,  but not the watch.   So I was very glad when he told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out.......!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Thank goodness it has nothing to do with donkeys.  They all seem to be doing good, although I am having to keep Quilla's legs covered already.  I assume the heat, we're hovering around 90 every day and the sun work together to cause his legs to get bloody quickly.  I can check his legs in the morning and they will be bloody by afternoon.  I hope when he and Boaz go with Lynn and Linda to Colorado for the summer that Linda doesn't have to spend the whole summer doctoring.  

The dirt track was suppose to have a race the 29th, next Saturday.  They haven't had a lot to say on the internet, in fact they haven't said anything at all.   A few days ago, Jackie a volunteer that has been doing what she could to get the track up and running, put out the word, there would be a work detail this morning to trim trees in the parking lot.  

So we loaded up chain saws, loppers, whatever we thought we'd need and headed out after feeding the donkeys at 4:30AM..........!!!  YIKES..........!!  Wanted to get there before it got too hot.

Got out there and Jackie and her husband were the only ones there and that didn't change, I'm sorry to say.  

This is Linda and John cleaning up a tree, all the green at their feet is limbs they've already cut off.  I don't think the trees have had much care lately.  

An hour or so into our project Jackie got word that the track wasn't going to race the 29th after all........!!!  I don't know who was more disappointed, her or me............or Lynn.  He was looking forward to getting to race again before they head home.  

We stayed around and trimmed what we could and then headed home.  I don't think there will be dirt races this year which is very disappointing for a lot of people.  John just got my dirt car finished, so he built 2 cars that won't have a place to race. 

But I will get to race at the asphalt track the 29th and try to hang onto my 1st place.  I would imagine that prestigious position will belong to someone else before the night is over, but I'll give it my best shot.  

On the way home we went to St. David a little farming town SW of Benson.  They were having a big auction of 7 parcels of land, individually, some with houses, some with pecan orchards.  All together I don't think there was 150 acres  involved.   A real estate agent bought the whole group for just a little less than 1 million dollars, not sure but it was about $995,000 with a 6% buyer's fee.  Everyone seemed to think it will be chopped up into a couple of acre plots and they will either build houses on the land or sell it at a profit to someone that will. Hate to see irrigated pasture and pecan orchards disappear.  

When we got home the donkeys had turned on one of the water spigots and ran about 200 gallons of water out on the ground.  It wouldn't be newsworthy except we are waiting right now for the state to give us a permit to drill a new well.  Yesterday we had 1600 gallons of water delivered for the 2nd time in a month, our well just isn't keeping up.  When it was put in 25 years ago it was done with a cable drilling set up, in fact the equipment was oil field equipment from Odessa, Texas, where I was born.  The guy that drilled it was just about to retire, so he'd been doing it for a long time and hadn't changed over to modern drilling equipment.  He also used a welding torch to cut slots in the well casing, so the water could flow into the pipe.  That's fine, except over the years the slots have closed up from the minerals and calcium in our water.  We've had it cleaned once and were told that it couldn't be cleaned again without probably damaging the casing.  So it's time to "bite the bullet" and get a new well.  John thinks it will only take them a couple of days to put down a 500 foot well with new equipment, but first we have to get the permit.  The drilling company had penciled us on their schedule to start this Monday, but I doubt that is going to happen.

Thanks for the picture, Doug

Saddik is going to Colorado with Lynn and Linda for the summer.  So they will be taking Quilla, Boaz and Saddik.  I caught Lynn even eyeing Moogee the cat last night........!!!   LOL  

Lynn likes to run with Saddik, he has a special lead, that attaches to his waist and Saddik, usually runs right next to Lynn.  He's got such long legs he can really run fast and Lynn likes the challenge.  I guess a lot of the races allow dogs, and Lynn wants to see if Saddik is as good as he thinks he will be.  Not at the same races where the donkeys are racing thank goodness, I would imagine that could be quite "interesting", since donkeys don't like dogs that aren't part of their family and will try to stomp them. 

So they will leave here with 4 donkeys and 4 dogs.  I probably should check their trucks and trailer before they get out the gate, at this rate, when they leave.  LOL

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Got a call this morning that they were ready to bring the stock out today.  You might know John was gone to Larry's to fix the damaged door on my asphalt car.  Lynn and Linda were gone to Tucson, and Doug got back just before Darren got here with the stock.

It's not a lightweight piece of equipment, so we needed the use of the tractor to pull it off the trailer.  I haven't learned how to use the tractor, certain things are just "guy" things to me.  I think it has to do with my age, men don't cook and women don't drive tractors.........LOL  I know that is a generality, but every time I see a woman driving a car with a man riding, I notice it.  OH! well I think society will survive without my idiosyncrasy's becoming mainstream in the 21st century, as long as society allows me to quietly notice and shake my head on occasion.......!!!

Back to this morning.  Darren hopped on John's little sub compact tractor and away he went.  


I have a feeling Penny and Gigi aren't going to be the least bit impressed.  In fact Penny was watching the whole process from the west end of the pens, close enough to watch, far enough away, no one was going to think she wanted to participate in the adventure.  She is very smart and I wouldn't be surprised if she has already figured out not to go anywhere close to this new "thing".  

Today seems to be wrestling day for the geldings.  The 1st ones were Smokey Joe and I think it was Pepsi, could have been Justin.  They were in the 3 Amigos pen and it looked like Smokey Joe did want whichever mini it was, in there.  He was being more forceful than they usually are when playing.  So I went out and became head jenny, to break it up.  Later on, Leddy and Buddy were at it.  No girls around, just boys, being boys I guess.  I don't like them to be squabbling in the pens, too easy for someone to get hurt.  As it is Joe shoved the mini into the wooden shelter pretty hard.  He would have went down if the shelter wall hadn't been there.  That's when I decided enough was enough.  

Linda is getting OJT on doctoring the last couple of days and it's with Quilla and Boaz the 2 they might take to Colorado with them, so she'll be all trained.  Hopefully the cooler weather up there will make a difference with their skin issues and she won't have to doctor them, at least I hope so.  Quilla also has edema on his belly.  He's had it before, almost the whole belly area has a relatively hard swollen area, that is about 2 inches thick.  I've had vets look at it and they just prescribe a round of antibiotics, which seems to make it go away.  So that's what we're doing.  SMZ's are given twice a day and taste nasty.  Tucoprim is give once a day and tastes good.  Guess which one I have?  So she is also learning how to grind SMZ tablets and mix them with molasses, given with a syringe.  She really catches on to all this quickly.  Quilla's knee is having to be doctored, I use a diaper on it.  She hasn't got to do that yet, probably next bandage change in a couple of days, I'll let her do it.  But the hope is, she won't need to use all this medical stuff on the boys this summer in Colorado. 

Monday, April 17, 2017


As we've gotten older we don't do much celebrating anymore.  Linda doesn't let that interfere with her holiday spirit......!!!   LOL

Yesterday morning John came in and said we had been invited to a SCAVENGER HUNT.......!!!  He had the 1st clue in his hand that said "his family likes engines".....!!!  Had to be Turbo.  The donkeys were already out and we were headed out to find Turbo, when Linda took pity on us and said the hunt was pretty much within the pen area.

We headed for his pen and started looking around and turning stuff over.  

It took awhile for us to figure out the logistics of the hunt.  Of course the next clue was in the last place we looked.........the orange traffic cone right behind me........!!!   LOL

Leddy was the 1st "troll" we came across.  We had been warned of "trolls" along our way, so we were carrying animal crackers, just in case.  

The next clue was "go to the 7th letter of the alphabet x 2.  We got to the 7th letter "G" and then we got off track, till Linda kinda helped.  I think our brains are wore out.........!!!!   LOL  She gave us enough clues to come up with G-G aka Gigi, so we headed off for her pen.  There are only so many places in the pens to hide anything, and by now we're getting into the swing of things and found it rather quickly.  

Next clue,  what do amigos, blind mice and little pigs have in common?  The number 3 comes to mind and 3 amigos had to be Shaggy Bill, Don Juan and Smoky Joe........sure enough the next clue was in their pen.  We're really starting to get into this by now........!!! LOL

If we had a 100 of her, we'd have a dollar............!!!!  That had to Miss PennyPacker's pen and it was.  

The last clue was go to the pen where you would play a popular card game............had to be BlackJack.........!!!  

The gate was closed to keep the "trolls" out and there we found our Easter basket, with 2 little furry donkeys, some Easter suckers and a donkey T-shirt that unfortunately fit John........Ha!

Thanks for all the pictures, Linda and thank you so much for the fun we had, and the effort you put into entertaining us, it was great.......!!!

I tried to take a picture of the little donkeys tonight, but I'll try again in the morning.  Let's just say, daylight will make a difference.........LOL


This is a pretty special picture Linda took, yesterday.  The subject of the picture on the left is Penny, who is fairly distrustful of new things.  Linda has taken on the project of getting her a little more comfortable with new ideas.  Looks like she's willing to try, for Linda at least. 

This is Buddy aka Buddy Brat.  He sometimes seems to get lost in the shuffle.  He is just a little grey donkey with a weight problem nothing special, I guess.  He was the 3rd donkey we got years ago and did go out to a home for a couple of years.  Unfortunately he and Honcho were returned and the people had allowed him to gain a lot of weight which took a long time to get off of him, for the 2nd time.

When he was younger, we called him Brat for cause.  Because he loved to get into everything he could, one time he found a roll of paper towels in the back of the van and TP'ed the driveway, until the roll ran out.  LOL 

Coquette is another one that kinda gets lost in the shuffle.  She's just a fat donkey with skin problems in the summer.  We've actually managed to get a lot of her extra weight off..........but..........when mesquite bean season gets here, she'll probably end up having to be in a pen.

Last year I had her checked for Cushings, since she doesn't shed out.  Her numbers came back good.  She has guard hairs, like BlackJack so I think she might have some Poitou blood in her also.

I would imagine she enjoyed playing dress up for Linda, she's loves attention.  

The 1st thing I said when I saw this picture is, "what happened to Lynn's ears"?  I thought they were in the hat, but Linda took another picture that shows they are laid down behind the hat.  Donkeys look rather weird without their ears...........LOL

Friday, April 14, 2017


Got a call a couple of days ago to bring a donkey to see if the stocks were going to be the right size.  We couldn't take Penny or Gigi, since they are the reason we have to have the stocks.  Let's just say they aren't very cooperative, especially when something new has been added to the mix.  

We went thru all the names, trying to decide who was closest to their size,  Boaz won the brass ring.  Yesterday after chores we loaded him up and headed for Benson.  

They just had it tacked together and didn't have the rubber mat installed on the floor.  I really didn't like the way the floor looked, too slick and shiny.  But we were there for a fitting and I decided to give it a try.  




But between Linda and me tugging on the front end and John and Lynn picking up feet on the other end we got him on it.  Almost immediately his feet slide out from under him, off the side and he panicked, as we all did.  He managed to get his front feet on the ground and dragged his rear feet behind him.  In the process one of his back legs got cut at the fetlock.  At first he wouldn't put it on the ground and I was afraid he had broken the fetlock.  Then the blood started gushing, which we all panicked again.  

John found some shop towels and duct tape in the truck and I made an emergency bandage.  He finally put his foot down on the ground and the bandage seemed to slow down the blood, so they decided they could take measurements with him beside it.  Boaz decided he had seen enough of that "thing" and wasn't going anywhere close to it.  So they had to estimate their measurements.  Could have saved a lot of anxiety, both human and donkey if we'd done that in the first place. 

By the time we were ready to load after many cookies by all, begging forgiveness he was walking on his left rear and not even limping.  WHEW.....!!!  

Got him home, removed my bandage and it had quit bleeding.  He has 3 gouge marks all the way to the bone.  I put some Underwood Horse Medicine on the wounds, Linda gave him bute last night and this morning and it's dry and healed over, thank goodness. So I guess that crisis is over...........unless we want to put him in the stock sometime in the future.  I have a feeling he's not going to be the least bit interested in anything to do with that THING........!!

We're also going to have to work with Gigi and Penny, to get them use to it.  Neither of them are easy to work with and are suspicious of anything new, or different, so it might take awhile.......if ever.

Yesterday the dirt track put up a schedule that shows Hornets racing the 29th of April.  We haven't heard anything for weeks about what classes were running when and the word on the street was, they weren't even going to race Hornets.  I have a real dilemma, I want to do what I can to promote the track and make sure they have enough Hornets to race.  BUT, I am in 1st place at the asphalt track for end of the year points and their schedule has been out for months.....!!  I have always said if a racer wants a track to race at the only excuses for missing a race night is, you are in the hospital or dead.........LOL  Guess I'll have to add another excuse, I can't walk away from being in 1st place, sorry Wildcat Raceway.   I've been trying to find out what time they are racing at Wildcat.  The tracks are about 6 miles apart, if they were racing in the afternoon, I might could race both tracks, with a lot of help from other people.  But it looks like they will be racing at night also, so it just isn't going to happen. 

Lynn and Linda had planned on leaving for Colorado the 28th or 29th, but I think they will be leaving later, so Lynn can race on dirt the 29th.  That causes another dilemma, Lynn needs someone to help him get his safety gear on, and get to staging on time.  John drew the short straw, and will go over with him.  John's kicking and screaming, but there will be plenty of people at the asphalt track to help me if I need it.  He just won't get to see me race...........LOL

Rod, our son will be racing his modified at the asphalt track, and just found out today our grandson hopefully will have his Super Stock at the dirt track.  So John will maybe get to see him race and I won't.  Life just isn't fair sometimes..........!!!! LOL 


Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The reason I say that is............we took the flannel sheets off the bed yesterday and for about the last week or so, EVERYONE are wearing fly masks, during the day.   And the mesquite trees are leafed out.  Its also in the high 80's, low 90's and the weather people are wondering when we'll hit 100*.  Hopefully not for awhile. 

Linda too these pictures the 1st day, it's almost like they were showing off their new masks
Last night after chores I got a frantic phone call from Linda, who adopted Chester from us about 7-8 years ago.  She is living in Tucson right now and the neighbors are taking care of the donkeys, although Linda visits with them 3 days a week.  

The neighbor called Linda and said Chester couldn't walk, looked like his shoulder was dislocated.  Linda called me on her way to Benson from Tucson and asked if I'd meet her.  Linda and I hopped in the car and took off.  She beat us there, and Dr. Jeremy was also there.  Of course he just lives a couple of miles where the donkeys are.  

He had already opened up a hoof abscess and Chester was actually walking pretty good by the time we got there.  Dr. Jeremy also told us it is almost impossible for an equine to dislocate a shoulder because of the way they are built.  Good information to put in my memory bank.  

Chester wears a toe shoe on that foot and it was time for him to be trimmed and the shoe reset.  Tyler, bless his heart came out after Linda and I headed for home and trimmed Chester and put a duct tape boot on to protect it for a few days.  Hopefully that keep it open enough to drain before it heals over.  

When Chester was here we had to take him to the vet clinic in Gilbert for what we thought was an old wound from being kicked.  Turns out he had a infection that was really nasty, and had caused him to be 3 legged lame.  

Believe it or not, this is after the surgery and what it looked like when we brought him home.  I called the clinic and they said it was just fine and I guess it was.  It healed without even leaving a scar.  

This is Chester and John years ago.  I've always thought Chester is a prime example of what a donkey should look like.  He's always been a very pretty boy. 

Chester came to us because he had been kicked in the pasture and was lame.  We finally figured out he had a paralyzed radial nerve in his leg, where he had been kicked.  

This is Martha an equine massage therapist, Courtney brought out, when he was so lame.  She worked on him quite a few times, and managed to get the nerve operational again, and he has walked with almost no limp at all ever since.  

This morning I had to call Dr. Jeremy out for a poked eye.  Poked eyes are scary, you never know if the cornea is scratched or not.  It's great having a vet almost on call, I've really never had this particular pleasure before and I'm making the most of it.  After he got here he said he hadn't had any appointments for today, and had planned on going for a ride on his motorcycle.  Unfortunately the people he was going to ride with were meeting at 9am, so he missed out........!!  And it was just a run of the mill poke, nothing special............SIGH

Lynn and Linda are gathering up their stuff to head back to Colorado the end of the month.  We really are going to miss them and I know the donkeys will.  They spend a lot more time with the donkeys than we do and it shows.  I won't say the donkeys are pushy, but they make sure they are where the people are, just in case someone wants to pet or brush them........or give them a cookie.  

Pepsi has started hanging around their RV, he knows they both are in there.  Linda usually comes out first in the morning and he gets petted and probably a cookie or two.  Rather than follow her down to the feed room, he waits for Lynn to come out, for the required petting and cookies.  

It looks like Quilla and Boaz will be heading to Colorado, when they go.  Both of them have bad skin problems in the summer.  We are hoping the cooler, higher altitude will help with their problems.  As I told Linda if it doesn't she's going to have a fun filled summer playing doctor/nurse, she said that's OK.  

So they will be traveling with 3 dogs, and 4 donkeys.  They've decided to leave their RV here, rather than drag it back, which is a good idea.  Besides that way we know they'll be coming back next winter.......LOL

Monday, April 10, 2017


For some reason Leddy had a bee in his bonnet, even before we left for the parade.  And his disposition didn't improve as the day wore on.  He wasn't bad he just wasn't his usual happy boy.  

Maybe he didn't like all his "stuff", although he was grumpy even before Linda "dressed" him.

But he was ready for his adoring public

Turbo on the other hand, was Turbo, except for chewing on the lead ropes.....!!!

Family portrait getting ready to go

 They didn't win any prizes, but then again the competition was pretty strong.  

A 70 pound desert tortoise, won most unusual
I miss my chickens..!!

It was a good outing for the boys, they need to get use to any and everything going on and not let it 
bother them.  They are both are really good, and Turbo only being almost 3 years old is amazing, Mr Cool, Calm and Collected he is.  

Lynn was a carrot, the night before we were trying to figure out how to put the green carrot top on his hat.  Boy, that kept us busy for awhile, think of the empty cardboard center of a toilet paper roll spray painted green to hold up the floppy stuff. BUT, people recognized that he was a carrot, so I guess it worked............LOL  He's as good as John is about going along with whatever crazy idea Linda comes up with.  

Parades don't always move, so there is down time.  John was dressed up like he dresses when he goes on his jeep tours, complete with his 45 on his hip.  In the hand you can't see he had an Easter basket and plastic eggs with candy in them, to hand out along the parade route.  I did get a little bit of negative feedback, when he found out he was going to be a cowboy, carrying a pretty Easter basket.  He said some of the local characters, that roam the streets of Tombstone everyday as old west characters, looked at him a little strange..........LOL  They probably just thought he was an outsider trying to move in on their territory.  

This is Nigel with the eggs, after we filled them.  He was plowing thru them and when Linda gathered them up, he tried to lay on them.  Would love to know what he was thinking......!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2017


A couple of weeks ago we did the St. Patrick's/Salute to the Troops parade, this week-end Tombstone had the Rose Parade yesterday and today they are having a pet parade.

We went yesterday just to be nosy.
Mike and Teresa were in town

Little guys hauling big wagon full of people

Pretty little girl

Canopy of rose blossoms, 9000 sq feet

Under the canopy rose bush from Scotland planted in 1885

Linda with some of the local color

Would be handy in this day and age, for men too.........LOL

Thanks for the pictures, Linda........!!

Today they are having a pet parade, Lynn and Linda are taking Leddy and Turbo dressed up for Easter.  The main objective is to get the boys use to being out in public.  Actually Lynn is going to be dressed as a carrot, which if the boys can handle that they should be able to handle anything......LOL

John is going dress like a Tombstone regular, in his cowboy gear he wears when he does jeep tours.  He will have a basket of plastic Easter eggs filled with candy, to hand out to the people along the parade route.  Me............I'm going to take pictures, figured I couldn't get in too much trouble doing that.......!!!  

We got up at 4AM to feed and am waiting now for the boys to have time to finish their breakfast before we load them and head for Tombstone.  We forgot to close Burroland last night, so of course this morning most of them were over there and saw no reason to come over here in the dark, besides it was cold and they don't like to move until the sun comes up.   Lynn had great fun, finding them and insisting they come over here, but they all finally made it.  Now we just have to wait, we'll start loading at 8AM.  Lynn and Linda have been working with them, so hopefully they will load without drama. 

Monday, April 03, 2017


Yesterday was an "interesting" day.  Tyler and his helper Dave were here before we finished feeding in the AM.  His days start early and end late.  They came to trim Penny and check Gigi's shoe.  We have an order in for some donkey stocks, so these 2 girls will be easier to work with.  The stock in the link isn't exactly like what we are getting, but will give you an idea.  Ours will also be portable, John will be able to move it around with the tractor.  We ordered it after Tyler's last visit, but so far it hasn't appeared.  Tyler was suppose to call today and see what is taking so long.  I'm sure his call will carry more weight than mine....... LOL

Let's see, after that we had some people out for a tour.  They had a little girl about 2 years old and she has no fear, which is a good thing at that age.  But it was rather exciting too...!!!  Most of the donkeys love kids and seemed to enjoy her attention.  

Dr. Jeremy stopped by on his way out to play with his jeep.  He's got an old one that isn't a rock crawler, but has a winch and big tires, and looks like it can probably go anywhere he wants to go.  Unfortunately he got an emergency call and headed out to go home and get his vet truck, rather than go play.  Since he moved into the area last fall and is available 24/7 he's been staying pretty busy, night and day.  I'm sure he's glad, but vets need down time too.  We don't want him to burn out,   available vets are too valuable.  I wouldn't have taken the 3 boys in to board, if we hadn't had a local vet.

Courtney came out to build Gus some new feet in late afternoon, in fact by the time she got here, we had already fed.  Well we hadn't, I missed feeding altogether.  Sundays after we race are usually low key, this one wasn't.  Getting in 1-2am and the donkeys expecting breakfast at their normal time, makes for a short night.  By afternoon I was asleep on my feet, so laid down to take a nap.  I never do that, but it was either that or curl up on the floor.   Guess I'm getting old......!!!  LOL

Courtney got here and went to work.  

Well, first we had to contend with the "lookie lou"  neighbors.  These are the 3 new boys and they are about the nosiest donkeys I've ever seen and that's saying a lot...!!

Just like icing a cake

Building up his foot with casting material

Just about done with that foot

Ready for the other foot

I don't think epoxy would taste very good

Waiting for the epoxy to dry

Thanks for the pictures, Linda

Courtney loves Gus, she has kept him going for much longer than we thought he would go.  The bones in his feet are demineralized and the inside of the hoof is a rather loose knit operation to hold up a 500 pound animal.  He roams all over the place, just not very fast.  He has a good life with restriction because of his feet, but all in all we can keep him comfortable.  He's always at the front of the gang, when we have people out to see the donkeys and if there are children that really gets his attention.  Chronic founder isn't for sissies, that's for sure.  

As I alluded to, we raced Saturday night.  The weather was terrible, it was trying to rain when we got there, and that lasted for most of the afternoon, but it finally quit.  Still had the wind and chilly temperatures though.  Didn't do much for having spectators, only the die hard race fans, showed up. 

I finished 2nd in the heat race, to a guy that side slammed me at the finish line.  I stayed with him, but he won the drag race.  He needs to control his enthusiasm on the track, or he won't survive, at least his car won't.  I was rather rude to him in the main event, he wrecked with someone else in the corner and was sideways in front of me.  I might have been able to slam on the brakes, but in those situations you're better off to plow thru, which I did.  I think John said he spun around and kept on going, so it was just one of those racing deals....!!  LOL  But I will keep an eye on him and another one too.  I think they are just kids, but they need to learn some manners......!!!  

I finished 3rd in the main event, which goes really good with the 2nd place finish in the 1st race we  had, so I can't complain.  Different guys finished 1st each time, so my consistency has put me in 1st place for points, at least until the next race April 29th.......!!!   LOL  

Friday, March 31, 2017


Well I can't think of anything to use as a headline.  Patti told me one time I should always use a headline, so there it is.....!!!  LOL

We're all staying busy it seems.  A neighbor that knows how to hook up a pack saddle came over today to show Lynn and Linda how to do it.  It went well, they even put hobbles on Turbo, just for fun and he just stood there, like no big deal.  

Had the well guys out to see why our well isn't keeping up.  A few years ago they came out and tried to clean the calcium out of the holes in the well pipe.  I would imagine the calcium has built up again, closing off the holes, so the water can't get in.  They checked the recovery time and I guess it isn't very good.  So I guess we'll be getting a new well dug.............SIGH  John asked when they could do it, their waiting list is a year long...........!!!  YIKES  They gave John the name of a couple of other drillers, but they haven't called back yet, so no telling when we'll get someone out here.  Our well is pretty shallow, hit water at 80 feet and the well is 120 feet deep.  But it is sitting on a layer of clay.  When the well was drilled the driller said in this area the clay could be 100 feet deep or it could be 1000 feet deep, so we had him stop.  Since then we've talked to a couple of neighbor's that drilled thru 400 feet of clay and have good wells.  So I guess we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best, if and when we find someone to drill it.  

Last night Lynn and Linda started dressing up Leddy and Turbo for the Tombstone parade the 8th and 9th of April.  They are both so good to work with, nothing seems to faze them.  Turbo didn't even mind Linda putting a bunny tail on his butt.  It's actually going to be higher than it is in the picture, but I think we're going to have to super glue it to his hair.  Quilla and Pepsi, still have super glue on their foreheads, where we glued their hats for the St. Patrick's Day parade a couple of weeks ago.  I need to take the scissors out and trim it off. 

I got some artificial flowers in town today.  Linda had originally wanted to use real flowers, but decided that they would probably be a tasty snack if someone didn't watch Turbo, closely.....!!!  She still wants John and I to take a donkey or two, but we want to just go and help if needed.  

Racing tomorrow night.  This is only the 2nd race on the asphalt for the Hornets this year.  They have told us the Hornet race will be a Bump and Run.  I have no clue what that is, but it sounds like metal to metal is going to be allowed....!!!  That will be different, the race director usually screams bloody murder if someone bangs on someone else.  

I had to doctor Rosie's belly today.  Doug saw her scratching her belly and sure enough she's got it bloody.  Last summer she had to be doctored daily, and I'm sure this summer won't be any different.  The vets have tried all sorts of medicines and taken scrapings to see what it is.  That came back inconclusive, so I really don't know what it is.  Steroid creams seem to work the best to keep it under control, poor girl.  

Hopefully tomorrow morning we can get everyone wormed, at least that's the plan.  So far the flies aren't too bad, so I'm holding off on fly masks as long as I can.  They'll have less time to tear them up......!!!  LOL

John and Lynn have been working on Rosie's shelter.  She ate the other one, so there is going be to more metal on this one.